Becoming Familiar With The Cut & Carat Weight Of A Diamond

Diamond based custom jewelry Redondo Beach is part of a very comprehensive market with all kinds of quality standards and prices. Therefore, a first time diamond buyer will probably feel overwhelmed at a first glance. Luckily, a little education will work a very long way. Diamonds are defined by four characteristics. The carat is the easiest one to understand. A carat weighs around .2 grams, so this measurement defines the actual weight.

The cut is an even more important property. It is hard to define it, but its primary purpose is to tell how light reflective a diamond is. The cut is defined by other aspects, such as the shape, symmetry and proportions. A well cut diamond will reflect light just like the sun. On the other hand, a poorly cut one is not that bright. There are six quality standards or grades in the cut. The ideal cut is the most expensive one, but if your budget is limited, a poor cut is not to be ignored either. After all, if you are not the type who invests in diamonds on a regular basis, you are less likely to tell the difference. Besides, a diamond is still a diamond, so it will not lose its value overtime.